Monday, December 30, 2013

Dissolute Resolutions's that time of the year. Not me writing a blog(although a lot of my friends say that it is turning to be an annual event). The time of the year, when we all sit down and decide unanimously the overdone, boring, please-save-me-from-this-crap thought that our new year resolution is not to make any new year resolutions. Seriously, dude. It was the "in" thing to say twenty years back. If anybody comes up to me this year and says that they took a resolution not to make any resolutions, I swear, I will scream and start shooting someone.

Do you honestly think that you are so perfect that you don't need to change? Or are you so incapable of fixing up some rules for yourself instead of saying that anyhow, you aren't going to stick to them? Or are you so much of a defeatist that you give up even before you start? Whichever excuse suits you from the above, there is just one word for you...lazy bugger. Ok, that's two words.

I sat down to think about resolutions and see what I can improve. Pretty soon, it changed tracks from thinking of what I can improve to which and all would I have a chance/time to improve this year. The list grew so big that at one point, it looked like I needed to knock off two resolutions in a day to finish the whole bunch in 365 days.

As I still continue to ponder upon my resolutions, it dawned upon me. Resolutions. Re-solutions. So it was predetermined that these are solutions that you will have to re...solute( if that's even a word ) and one that you will continue to resoluting(this time I know its definitely not a word. The red squiggly line just popped up).

As I further continue to think about my resolutions, it also dawned upon me that I am almost at the end of the typical blog post size and I haven't yet decided what I am going to do. The fact that I need to change things around me, in the nearby vicinity was obvious. But constant reminders from friends and family(God bless their perseverance) it was clear that I needed to change too. So here it goes.

1) Gain weight. ( this has been there on my list from 2000 and there has been a consistent change in my weight. I am now .5 kg more than last year. Progress, no doubt, but would like to speed it up a bit)

2) Read more (my favorite)

3) Travel more (wife and friends' favorite)

4)  Get some fitness regime(apparently walking down to the food court and car parking doesn't count)

5) Be more empathetic(I seriously don't know where this one comes from. As far as I know I am too empathetic. Its just that other's stuff is so boring. No thrill or adventure in that)

6) Be more serious. (this one is mine. I think a lot of people think I am a featherweight because I laugh a lot, make jokes, have fun, enjoy good company...on second thoughts, I think they have to change and not me)

7) Be more caustic ( this one is also mine. I need to cut some baggage. I need to stop caring for the damn idiots who don't give a rat's ass about me. Too many people around me who do and I shouldn't dilute my time by spending it on those who don't)

8) Earn more(another frequent item on everybody's list although it doesn't appear publicly on many lists. Earn loads and loads of money. Should not be in a position wherein I need to calculate my retirement plans, my property holdings worth etc to purchase something that I like at that moment.

9) No more postponement of gratification.PERIOD

10) Write more...(hee hee...just kidding ppl. you know I love you )


Viji said...

10 posts for the year 2013... you are absolutely rocking keep at it...!

Good post, Manoj...!

Have a wonderful year and let this year see all your resolutions through...

Namita said...

Oh no! Dont be serious, pls! We love you just the way you are and god bless you for that. Would love to see how MD will look with more weight ;) Waiting to read more. Have a better year than 2013, MD.
God bless!

Unknown said...

Thanks know i dont like to disappoint you all...

if i see all my resolutions done this year, what do i do next year...poor me...need to save for the future too

Unknown said...

thanks Nami..I thought i will be a funnily serious guy or a psychotically chaotically funny guy like the Joker..

as far as weight is concerned, that thought is curious for me too...let me see.